Wednesday, August 4, 2010

36 hours

Last night, my mom and I watched a movie called "36 hours". It's a World war 2 movie that was made in 1965. Here is a summary:

In this World War II thriller, Maj. Pike (James Garner) awakens in a hospital suffering from amnesia. He's told that D-Day occurred five years ago and is asked pointed questions about the event by his doctor (Rod Taylor). But what Pike doesn't know is that D-Day is in 36 hours, and he's actually in enemy hands. Oscar winner Eva Marie Saint plays Pike's "wife" in this taut drama based on Roald Dahl's short story "Beware of the Dog."

Doesn't that sound really interesting? I don't usually like war movies. They are pretty dull and too hard to follow, what with all the army "lingo", but this movie was REALLY entertaining!! It even had some comic relief that was actually funny, which doesn't often happen in those old movies. Apparently, humor was different in the 1940's, because I rarely laugh at the "funny" parts. But with 36 hours, there were a couple funny scenes that I was laughing at, though, it may have been because of the late hour, but still............ I would definitely recommend this movie!!! It was pretty clean, too! Even in those old movies, when there is a "love interest" they always end up kissing at least 20 times throughout the story, but you don't see any of that here. So, yeah. WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! IT'S REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!

On a totally different note, my very last butterfly emerged from its chrysalis this morning. now I have to go milkweed hunting again and hopefully find some more babies!!!

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