About me

About me choicespart 2

Hello, all!!!!!

My name is Erin, and I am a Christian, a teenager, a blogger. I am also an actress, a singer, an artist, and an apples-to -apples-ahaulic. Actually, I have many obsessions, besides A2A(as I like to call it). I am a computer-ahaulic, and I am a total vintage freak!! I love anything vintage, antique, or just old and pretty!!! I am also a shoe fanatic!!!

My favorite color is perriwinkle, but my favorite color combination is purple and black. I am a lover of books, and don't really have a particular favorite when it comes to book ganres. I like mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, true romance(like, Jane Austen, where the characters actually love each other for real reasons, not just because the other is good looking.) fantasy(to an extent) and I'm sure there are many others, they are just eluding my mind at the moment :) 

I am a movie maker, and a playwrite,an actress, and have performed many a play with my best friend, with the garage as our stage,family members and neighbors as our audience,  and random furniture, pillows, and pieces of wood disguised as furniture as our props! You can also find my movies on youtube, under the name rosebudsixteen.

I am the youngest of five children, all others live in their own homes now, so I have the house all to myself!!!!!!

My music choices are much like my book choices. I don't play favorites. My mom always says I pick the music that i can sing and dance to, which, I guess is true. just some of the bands I like are barlowgirl, Celtic woman,Straight No Chaser, ZOEgirl, Kit Kittrege soundtrack, Andrews sisters, Puppini sisters, Demi Lovato, Owl City, Journey, Wicked soundtrack, Pride and prejudice soundtrack. I am a lover of show tunes, such as movie soundtracks(as seen above), and what not, especially the themes for older television shows.Laverne and Shirley, for example.
My favorite actor is a tie between Johnny Depp, and Jimmy Stewart! There is no doubt in my mind that my favorite actress is Grace Kelly!!! As with my music and books, I don't have a favorite type of movie, but if I were forced to choose, I would definitely say that I will watch ANYTHING Hitchcock!

So, I guess the only thing I can say now is, farewell, dear readers!!!