Monday, June 21, 2010

Alice in Wonderland......

Sooooooo, I watched the new Alice in wonderland movie last night! I really think I wouldn't like it, I mean, they've only made a hundred versions of that story!! What could this movie POSSIBLY have that the others didn't?! I must say, though, that I LOVED it!!! I don't usually go for Tim Burton movies. He's just a tad too strange for my movie taste, but this was GREAT!!!! Of course, Johnny Depp and Helena Bhonom Carter starred as the mad Hatter and the red queen in this movie, because they are in just about every movie Tim Burton makes. Johnny Depp was, of course, amazing in this role! I laughed so hard when he talked! Because, when he was "normal", he would speak in a normal british accent, but those times when he was raving mad were spent in strong scottish accents!! It was great!! Of course, the costumes were amazing as well. I think Alice had 12 dresses at least, all more ridicules than the last! In one scene, Alice gets shrunk small, so the hatter makes her a tiny dress out of bits of her pettycoat! And it's pretty!!! Imagine that!!! I also liked it, because, even though it was essentially the same story as in the book, it SEEMED different! Tim Burton actually combined Alice in Wonderland with Alice through the looking glass, and came out with the story for the new Alice movie!!! I totally recommend Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton! It's funny, it's got a great story line, great acting, amazing costumes, and the computer generation is out of this world! As of course it should be, coming from wonderland!!!!



Did I mention that I love Alice's dresses? I especially love the one she wears before she goes to wonderland, and then the one the hatter makes for her, and then the one she wears at the red queen's castle!!! I won't say more, so if you want to see them I guess you'll just have to watch the movie!!!!

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