Monday, June 21, 2010

New shoes.....

Yesterday, my mom and i went shopping. I wasn't planning on actually purchasing anything, I just wanted to look, and then come back when I actually had the money. I am in sore need of summer sandals, and I found a pair from famous footwear that I really liked.

Here's a picture:

Cute, aren't they? Oh, my word I want them so badly! Well, I didn't get them, because, as I said earlier, I am currently broke, but my mother has been saying quite often lately that my flip flops are literally falling apart. I have to agree, I mean, I got them about 5 years ago, AND they are my only pair, so I wear them a lot, practically every day!!!When we were in Maurices,(my favoritest store ever!!!!) I saw these REALLY cute flip flops that were on sale for $10. Now, I know what you are saying. "$10 for stinkin' flip flops!!! That's CRAZY!!!" and I would say "Yes, I know!!! I would NEVER pay that much!" However, these are SUPER great flip flops! Not only are they cute, but they have an arch in them, which supports my foot, and they really hug my feet, which makes them double comfortable. Besides, mom offered to pay for them, and what was I going to say? No? Please. I was like "Yeah!!!!" And, Oh, my WORD!!! These things are ridiculesly comfy!!! Seriously, I've hardly taken them off since I got them!!!!

So, without further adue, I present pictures!!!
You can really see the arch in this one!

Aren't the little ruffles cute? I just LOVE them!!!!

My mom loves them so much, she is thinking of going back and getting herself a pair!! I HIGHLY suggest going to Maurices and checking these babies out! They are great!!!



  1. cute! I love the patterns on the straps!

    I saw the ones you initially wanted to buy on the internet the other day, and I love them too! We obviously have the same taste in shoes. :)

    Allison ♥

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  3. Hey, If you get a chance you should check out our Famous Footwear Facebook and Twitter page. There is different sweepstakes and many deals that will help cut costs.

  4. Hey, those flip-flops really do look good! They support the arch well... hmm... maybe *I* need some of those.