Monday, December 24, 2012

Why my pastor is the coolest guy ever.

I have the greatest pastor of all time, I really do.

So, as I'm sure you all know, today is Christmas Eve, and while most people are getting some last minute Christmas cooking and shopping done, Pastor Randy Hartman was giving away some Christmas cheer.

This man spent all morning standing on a street corner with a couple hundred in 5 dollar bills i his pocket and a big cardboard sign that said "Merry Christmas. FREE MONEY!" All morning, as people stopped at the traffic light, he'd knock on car windows and give away five dollars to the drivers. At one point, just as he was running out of money, a lady pulled up with a fresh stack of 5 dollar bills and said "Bill from the Convenience store says to keep spreading the love!"

Later, when he was asked why he did it, he said he just woke up this morning feeling like it was something he should do. 

By the afternoon, word of what he'd done had spread all over town via facebook and people who had seen him and recognized him. He started getting calls, some saying how great that was, and a couple from people who had been so touched by what he had done and asking for prayer. I was so inspired by this, and I was literally almost brought to tears. I just have the greatest pastor ever. He's so nice and has a great heart for God. I'm proud to know him.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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