Monday, July 9, 2012

Jane Eyre

 I watched the new Jane Eyre movie today. I was So looking forward to this movie, as it is one of my favorite books. Also, I have not been impressed by other adaptations, and had high hopes the movie people would finally get it right.

I must say I was sadly disappointed. The editing was terrible. The movie started half way through the story, and then kept flashing back between Jane's childhood and her adult life. Even knowing the story as well as I do, I had a hard time keeping up. The film was so chopped up, I fear they may have missed a few things. Nothing was explained. I understand they can't give the details of every character, but there were important things, like why Jane lived with her Aunt, and who Adele was in accordance with Mr. Rochester that were important to the story line, and were not even hinted at.

I also found it quite irritating that I couldn't understand half of what the people were saying. I had the volume up to 50, and I still had to turn on the subtitles, they were speaking that quietly and muttering so.  There was a lot of important information that would have been missed, if I hadn't known what was being said, but only because I read the book. 

On the other hand, I can't say that I didn't enjoy the movie just a little bit. The actors did a very good job, and I thought they portrayed their characters very well. I thought the girl that played Jane was spot on. Jane Eyre is supposed to be obscure, plain and little, and I thought this girl was perfect. It's not that she's not pretty, just a little sickly looking. I think that with a little makeup, she could be quite good-looking, though. In past adaptations, there have been some very attractive Jane Eyres, and it really annoyed me. Except for that one girl in the 2006 version with the under bite.

Also, FINALLY! A Blanche Ingram with black hair! She has black hair in the book, and they insist on making her blond in EVERY version of the movie! I don't know why, and it drives me slowly insane.

Another thing that always annoyed me with past adaptations was the director's handling of the second half of the story, when Jane leaves Thornfield, and meets St. John Rivers and his sisters. They always ruin what I thought to be one of the best parts of the book, but in the version, it seems they've finally got it right, so I am happy, despite all the things I said against it. 

I was also, of course, very fond of the costumes, houses, and landscapes in the film, so, when I just couldn't take the whispering and choppy story line, I simply looked at their surroundings, and was content.

All-in-all, I can't say that I would recommend the new Jane Eyre. Watch it if you want, I won't say you won't like it, but I found it very annoying, and wishing I had made the movie instead, because, you know, if I had done it myself, it would have been done right. LOL

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  1. Wonderful post! Jane Eyre is one of my very favorite books and I completely agree with your review. I thought the characters were for the most part well-cast but it was so choppy I got a headache. I wanted to do a DIY-remake myself lol
    Thanks for sharing!