Wednesday, March 2, 2011

History night

Not too long ago, my homeschool group held what we call "History night". Basically, each child will pick a time period{or specific person/event in history} and create an elaborate report on that topic. I say elaborate, because it's not just an essay, it's a display board, food, costume, and sometimes, a skit. The whole thing is pretty big, and I think this year's history night was the best we've ever had.........and that's saying a lot! Two years ago, I had a mini drive-in movie theatre as part of my report. Cool, right?

Amelia Earhart

The 1950's

Annie Oakley

The wright brothers

Anastasia Romanov

Eleanore Roosevelt


Daniel Boone

Plantation life during the Civil war

See what I mean about it being elaborate? The girl who did the 1950's had an ice cream shop, complete with laminate checkerboard flooring, swing music, and, of course, ICE CREAM!!!! And the little wright brother would twirl his little painted on mustache while he talked {AWWWW!}
Annie Oakley showed me and entire show of her shooting tricks, finishing with the one where she is riding her horse and shoots a moving target while she herself is moving. The kids really went all-out this year. I was very impressed!!!

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