Saturday, February 19, 2011

A walk down memory lane....part 1

Well, really, it's a first-time walk for you guys, because they're my memories{some of them}. My dad and I were going through our endless boxes of pictures earlier, and we had a great time laughing at all the awkward perms and "baby's first bath" pictures of my brothers and sisters. I had so much fun, I just had to share some of my discoveries with you!!!

These are my grandparents{my mom's parents} I really love this picture, mostly because of my grandma's dress and my grandpa's making a funny face!

Baby mommy. As I look at it, I really see myself here. But you can be the judge of that!

One of my aunt's graduation. My mom is the short one in the blue dress.

This is my dad. Isn't he handsome, with his bow tie? I don't know how old he is here, maybe 12 or 13?

That's my dad in the middle, considerably older. Hee, hee!

And this is my dad with my mom. They look great together, no?

This is my big brother. He's 27 now, or, at least he will be in a few months. Isn't he so cute?! I love my big bro!!

This is a family shot,minus me, because I wasn't born yet, and my other brother and sister, but I don't know why. Can you see my mom peeking through in the back?

This is a camping trip the family wnet on{without me, cuz I wasn't born yet}, and, apparently, my father was pretending to be an ax murderer while my brother played the victim, and my mom documented it. yup.

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