Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inspiration Monday....January 31 2011

GUESS WHAT! It's Inspiration Monday!!!! Aren't you excited?! Yeah, I didn't think so......

Let's get started! My inspiration for this week is:

What is it about Vintage luggage that is so photogenic?! I mean it's just luggage, but I just love to look at it :)

This picture makes me think of Romeo and Juliet. Crazy, right?! It's a piano with a flower on it! But it's just so pretty and romantic, and I think that piano music is the prettiest thing one can put on paper. It's just so elegant, no?

Paris and the color red just seem to go together.

Looking at this picture makes me feel like Charlie walking in to Willy Wonka's factory for the first time! LOL

Red hair. Something I've always wanted. Those out there with red hair, you lucky bunch, treasure what you've got, because there are VERY few girls with all manor of other hair colors who would LOVE to have what you probably hate. I am one of those girls.

Taylor Swift. I love her hair, I love her cute little dresses, and I love her songs. They tell such great stories, and I love songs that tell stories. I also think she's SUPER pretty

Doesn't this just make you want to go out, purchase a vintage-looking suit case, put on your favorite dress and have a photo shoot on some random flight of stairs?

I know I said this last Monday, but I LOVE built-in bookshelves. Someday, when I'm rich and living in some sprawling mansion in Sunny California, my house shall be riddled with shelves such as these{complete with those sweet rolling ladders! I've always wanted to ride on one!}

Well, I suppose that's all the inspiration I can fit into one post, so, what say you, can we pick this up next week? Cool, I'll see you then!

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