Monday, January 24, 2011

As I danced through time

This past Saturday night, two friends and I participated in "A dance through time", an event held at a local college as a fund raiser for various charities. The entertainment, much like the television show "Dancing with the stars" includes a number of dances performed by a prominent member of the community, such as the mayor, along with their partner, a member of one of the many local dance groups. The audience votes for each person by giving money to whatever charity that person is collecting for, and the person with the most money collected wins. There are also twelve "celebrity" judges who give their scores as well.Along with my two friends, {from l to r}Kara, Julia and I was a volunteer, collecting the judges votes and taking them to the people who would count them and decide a winner, handing out awards to the participants, and aiding the coat checker afterward. I had so much fun, and I got to wear my new Emma dress!!

After the event was over, we got a little carried away......

Kara striking her "Kira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennett" pose. hee, hee, hee

All in all, it was a enjoyable, long, eventful night, full of running back and forth in uncomfortable shoes and a pretty dress, laughs with friends, and a maxed out camera memory card!!

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's inspirational monday, but that's going to have wait 'till next Monday, after I've had time to find some truly inspiring photos

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