Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I often find it useful to, after drawing a picture, find the aspect I like and dislike the most. I tend to learn from that. If I didn't like the face of the person I drew, I will try a different way next time. I may decide I like the way the shading turned out on another picture, and rarely stray from that technique, that is, until I can find a better way of doing it. I also enjoy others' opinions, to see what they like, and dislike the most. That is what I endeavor to accomplish in this post. I will show my favorite drawings, give my opinion on each, and then this is where you come in. I want you to comment and tell me which is your favorite, why, what you like best about that picture, and what you think should be done differently. Are you ready? Then let's get started!

I'm not digging the leaf.

I love Tink's face and hair. I thought it turned out very well.

The window doesn't look right. I think it's slightly lopsided.
However, I think this one is my favorite.

I really like her hair

Actually, I'm not to fond of this picture in general

The dog is SO cute!!

I don't like this picture, either. Everything is wrong with it. Her face is squashed, I have no idea what happened with the hair, and her entire person looks two-dimensional.

I like the flower in the book

The girl is more than a little fatter in my drawing than she was in the original picture, and the foliage is so sparse it's not even funny. I was just lazy, and didn't want to draw an entire bush.

The butterfly is so tiny!

In contrast to the rest of the picture, the umbrella has almost no detail, and just lopsided and flat

I think her bustle is simply marvelous, if I do say so myself

I should have added more to the picture, and her apron is just sad.

That doll is great! I totally want one!

Her hips are HUGE in comparison with her waist

I'm really in love with the twig paint brush

I don't like her face, I should have done more with the curtain, and I wish I had drawn more of the picture.

I like her delicate necklace, lace collar, and lace sleves

The little boy isn't centered on the bed, and his knees are way too low down for that short child

I can't help but laugh at that duck head board.

Now it's your turn. Be honest. I really want to know your true opinion.


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  1. Erin ~ Such lovely drawings! You make me want to go grab some paper right now and start sketching something out.

    So.... *slyful grin*
    I noticed that you didn't name who these people were that you drew, or where you got the pictures.
    Yet.... I KNOW THEM.

    See how I do...
    1 ~ obviously Tinkerbell
    2 ~ Wendy is my guess (I think that's my favorite drawing too!)
    3 ~ With the little dog in there, it reminds me of Dorothy & Toto...
    4 ~ Anne Shirley - It has to be!
    5 ~ Mandie Shaw. Oh my word.. totally wasn't expecting THAT to come out of nowhere on someone's blog.
    6 ~ Looks familiar, but can't quite place it. Really, what comes to mind is one of the Bronte books, but... nah.

    And as for the rest of them, my only guess is that they have something to do with Peter Pan, but I could be wrong there. Love all your pictures! You're doing well with you drawing skills.

    Now, may I ask you how I did on my trivia? Because I would love to know!!!