Saturday, December 4, 2010

My birthday

Friday was, as I'm sure most of you know, my 17th birthday!!!! I was in a play, ate super yummy pizza with friends, and got A TON OT PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!! O.K. I'm good.

My hoard
From my parents:
Black stretchy belt-forever21
dark chocolate milky way bar-heaven{I'm pretty sure}
Forever21 gift card
A day at the spa for manicures!!!! what?!

From my Aunt:
A ton of button covers{that tiny blue cameo is one of them}
A purple flower pin
A heart necklace with matching earrings

From my friends{who also happened to eat the super yummy pizza with me}:
Three packages of really cute rubber stamps!

I think the picture on my gift card is really great!!!

Later that day, mom took me to the mall,{more specifically, forever21} and I bought this pocket watch....with money to spare. I love forever21

Those same friends who ate pizza made me this card. It's a pride and prejudice card with a Zakk and Adam twist

The front reads "From Pemberly Estate. Deliver to Erin{and them my last name, which you don't need to know}

Opening the card, I found a gangsta version of Mr. Darcy. The inside reads "Dah-Cy sez happy Buthday!!!!!" Oh, my word. I laughed so hard at that.

The signatures. Yeah.

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