Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey, all!

I know, I know......It's been ages! Well, actually, it's only been, like, a week, BUT, I have been crazy busy, and kind of sick, and not wanting to be on the computer at all, because my sickness is that I keep getting these headaches and backaches, and I probably just need to visit the chyropractar, but being on the computer also gives me headaches, so............Actually, you should feel very honored that I post as often as I do considering my unfortunate affliction.

Anywho, enough wallowing in self-pity. I see that very few people have been updating themselves on my youtube channel, which, I think, is a crime, but that's just me. :) SO, I thought I would share one of my newest videos with you, my readers.

Do you all remember "Cinderella" ? Well, we all had a blast making it, with more than a few mishaps, as you'll see here:

I hope you enjoyed this special feature, and please visit my youtube channel to see the upcoming project that is next on appletree production's list!


1 comment:

  1. lol! So funny!!! I wish I knew how to make movies like that. Mine always turn out REALLY Bad. :)