Monday, September 13, 2010

School days......

I started my Junior year of highschool today!!!! I was pretty late to the party this year. I think I am the last of all my friends to start school this year.

I thought I had a pretty decent first day. I got to see people from last year, as well as meet some new classmates that have the potential for being future friends and aquaintances.

Now, I'm sure you are reading this going "Wait, I thought she was homeschooled? What is this rubbish about classmates?" You may have dashed to my "about me" page, and quickly scanned through my mini-bio, scratched your head at the line that clearly states that I am indeed homeschooled, and then returned to this post, possibly crying in frustration at my confusing schedule.

Well, please cease your weeping, for I am still homeschooled, but I belong to a group that provides classes, and I am taking a few of them. I had this same arrangement last year as well, but I only took history and Literature, which were sandwiched into one class. This year, however, I will be attending classes in Latin and Literature analysis. I have also joined the 4H group, which is new this year. Apart from the out-of-home classes, I am also studying history, Science, Algebra 2 and Geometry and logic. I have also taken up Piano this year, for those readers who are just joining the party.

I know what you must be thinking. In your head(or possibly out loud, maybe yelling at your computer screen) you are surely having the following conversation with yourself:

"What kind of a Highschooler has THIS kind of wimpy work-load? I mean, this is NOTHIN'! My twelve-year-old brother has more to do than this! Come on!"

Before you un-follow my blog and disown me to all your blog-reading friends, Let me assure you that Those are just the classes. I haven't even BEGUN to talk about my homework load! For latin, I will have roughly three writing assignments a week. Literature will be reading at least one book(but more likely two books) every couple of weeks, then discussing them in class. During the week, I will have paragraphs, essays, character sketches, and some other form of torture in the guise of writing that I have not yet thought of. Math takes about an hour, sometimes more, every day, as well, as science. history should take one to two hours daily.Logic will just be discussed, I think, but I still have to set apart a time to do that. And, what with piano lessons every Friday, practicing for at least an hour ever day, and the dozens of 4H projects and events I will working on over the school year, in a twenty-four hour day, I will have spent Somewhere around seven hours a day just on my school subjects.

Now, don't read me wrong, I am not one of those ridicules teenagers who hates everything to do with school. I love school, and I love learning! but I have a busy year ahead of me! I'll have Christmas carol practices practically every day(depending on if I get a part, or am just in the Chorus) plus two other reenactments spanning over two weeks(not back-to-back), the church Christmas play, in which I have the third largest role, not to mention hitherto unknown birthday parties, and other random parties celebrating equally random holidays, I don't know when I will have time to sleep! Oh, yes, I almost forgot one. I will most likely be taking drivers training this winter, plus the PSATs, which is a super special practice test for the SATs, which is the test that determines whether 1: I can get into College and 2: What colleges I should be applying for. Major studying. But, hey, sleeping is so overrated.

So, enough about my ridiculesly fast-paced life, how has your first weeks(or days) of school been? Anything interesting happen? Tell me all about it! You know I would LOVE to hear!

Your already exhausted author,



  1. That sounds like a lot of school to me... :D This was a great post to read.

    Abby :D

    Oh, and by the way, my sisters and I watched the Depressaway commercial. We practically laughed our heads off. :D

  2. Wow, sounds like you're in for a busy school year. And yes... you did have me "confused" there at the beginning--just for a moment thought. *wink*