Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I FINALLY got some pictures of the finished project, otherwise known as my room, onto my computer!!!

Here is the dreadful before shot.

Ugh! See why I wanted to change it? Actually, it's never that messy. But I was in the middle of cleaning when I thought to take a before picture. Now that I look at it, it's a good thing I didn't post these sooner. I have Allison's birthday present sitting in the middle of my floor(I just gave it to her yesterday :)

After going through all my belongings, and getting rid of three large boxes full of stuff, a hamper, a comforter, and a pillow, I began stripping the paint from the woodwork.

Then, I had to tape all the woodwork, so I wouldn't get paint on it again.

then, I filled all the holes in my walls with a sort of plaster crayon.

Up next, PAINTING!!!!

Then, Dad cut up the carpet........

And I rolled it up......In a skirt! Impressive, if I do say so myself! Of course, now that skirt is totally un-wearable, but........

Then we had to scrub the floor, because, not only was it dirty, there was paint splatter all over it from the last time it was painted (That's my mom, btb)

Then we started putting stuff back together(That's my bed)

My new bookshelf from IKEA :)Yes, I am in my P.Js, but my dad had washed all my "I don't care what happens to them" clothes that morning, so I didn't have any other clothes.

I found a chair at a thrift store for $5, and all it needed was a little paint!!!

And after the chair was dry, assembled, and placed in it's rightful spot, I got some "after shots"........ But before you look at the finished product, I suggest you refresh your memory of what it looked like before, for surely after all these pictures and words, you've forgotten.

A little fun fact about me. That baby doll you see on my bed is the first baby doll I ever received, in perfect condition, apart from the fact that she is missing her little bonnet.

This post getting much too long, and full of pictures, so I am going to end it here, and start another with the last couple pictures.................


  1. Oh Erin I love what you did!

    ~Hannah Rebekah

  2. Your room looks so pretty! I can't wait to see it in person! I love the wood floors!