Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh the places I can go........

A drive in movie theatre is just one of the THOUSANDS of places I can go, now that I have MY TEMPORARY DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my written driver's test today, and I passed!! With flying colors!!!! There were 40 questions, and I answered only 5 wrong!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! I have been studying all week long(Well, I actually cheated a little. The manual for my state is REALLY dry and lame, so i didn't read it :) My mom found practice tests on line, and I got a video from the library that has a section for taking you permit test, and practice tests) I took at least 5 practice tests a day, and took extensive notes, and prayed a lot. And it all paid off!!!!!!!!

Before I started practicing, I thought the test was going to be hard, but when actually taking the test, I saw many of the exact same questions they had on the practice tests, words and all. Also, there were pictures that went along with every question(the test was on a computer) so that helped me a lot, being a visual learner, and all.

And, now I can start learning how to drive, and of course I have to take a class, which I'm really looking forward to!!!!

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  1. Congratulations! My temps have my picture/are plastic. It was actually fun to sign the little thing and get my picture taken. lol