Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm dancing in the rain and having a blog party!!!

I found this on Allison's blog, and it looked fun, so I thought I'd try it!!!

  • Have you ever run outside during a rainstorm (and if so, please describe it)?
Well, actually, I was never allowed to do that as a young child, but my mom DID let me do it once when I was about eight, but I had to wear a bathing suit, and when she heard lightning after I was out there for only two minutes, she made me come inside.
  • What is your favorite Sense & Sensibility version: 2008 or 1995?
I've only ever seen the 1995 version, though, I'm not sure Emma Thompson was the best person to play Eleanore, I mean, in the book, she's only 19 years old, but Emma Thompson is 50! Well, she was in her mid-forties when she made that, but still.......

  • Do you keep a journal (and if so, how many have you filled)?
I've always tried to keep one when I was younger, but always got bored with it after the first page, so I used the left over pages to either draw, or write letters to my friends, and then never send them. However, last year for school, I had to keep a journal, so now I'm in the habit.
  • What is your favorite thing about summer?
Well, summer is NOT one of my favorite seasons. Where I live, we have 85 degree days with 90% humidity, which makes it feel about 200 degrees outside, and, seeing as I have no way of swimming in a pool or lake, so those days are totally awful. We have those kinds of days a lot. :( I hate summer.
  • What is your favorite classical song?
They are all so pretty, I don't know if I can pick one!
  • It's your wedding day. And while you are going down the aisle (gracefully, of course), the audience suddenly bursts into singing "How Do You Solve A Problem Like ____ (your name)?" What are your emotions?
Yeah, I never got that part in the movie. But back to me: I would be furious!! I mean, it's my big day! Lord willing, I'll never have that day again! I want it to be perfect! I am pretty sure I would hunt down whoever decided it would be funny to start that, and then introduce them to my father's samari sword, most likely find out it was my mother, and forgive her before I resort to violence, because, well, she IS my mother, after all!
  • What is your favorite scene in Sense & Sensibility? Is the same scene in the movie(s) (and if so, do you like it as well)?
The part at the end when Eleanore finds out that Edward didn't marry Lucy, and she bursts into tears!!! I laugh every time!!!!!
  • Which of Jane Austen's books is your favorite? Why?
Well, Probably either Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensability. Though, they both have their flaws. Elizabeth falls for Darcy CLEARLY because of his (totally breathtaking) house, and sense and Sensability would be a MUCH shorter book if Eleanore would just talk to her sister about what she is feeling!!!
  • Describe your perfect reading "nook":
In a Victorian house, at the top of one of those towers, in a round room that has been converted into a library. Books are covering every wall, except for a small, person-sized window and window seat with curtains and cushions. It's a spring day, the window is open, and as the breeze gently blows the lace curtains, I am curled up reading some sort of murder mystery,most likely by Agatha Christie!!!!!!
  • Have you ever been accused of reading a book when you were supposed to be doing chores?
No, I don't think so. Well, does listening to a book on my ipod WHILE I am doing chores count?
  • You are on the beach, and you are wearing normal clothes (NOT a bathing suit). Do you consider jumping into the cold ocean anyway?
I actually did that once, but it was a pool. I LOVE swimming, and everyone was in the pool except me, because when I went over to my friend's house, she neglected to inform me that we were going somewhere with a pool. So, I just rolled up the legs of my jeans, and jumped in!!!! I'm not sure I would do the same at a beach, though. The water is RARELY clean. But, who knows. I'm sure if I were desperate enough, I'd do it!
  • Do you consider yourself a matchmaker like Emma?
Heck, no!!!! I never see romance coming! I mean, once they are together, I'm like "Aw! Don't they make a cute couple?" And sometimes I joke, like "They should TOTALLY date!!!" but never seriously. I'm just not that good at judging character.

  • What are your opinions involving letters: short and brief or long and lovely?
Long and Lovely, for sure!
  • What Scripture verse has encouraged you a lot recently?
Nothing comes to mind at the moment
  • Do you consider yourself an artist? If so, in what way?
I suppose so. I am certainly an artsy person.. I doodle on EVERYTHING, and I love to decorate. I also love music and theater, which are considered "arts"
  • What interests you in a blog: beautiful layout or good content?
I think both are important. The good design draws you in, but you have to have good content to back it up. I also like lots of pictures! :)
  • Do you believe in saving your first kiss for your wedding day?
Sure. I think that is really special! However, I don't think it is necessarily wrong to kiss after being engaged. Still, I plan on saving mine. :)
  • What are your opinions involving modesty?
I think girls should dress in a way that is pretty, feminine, and suites your body shape, and is comfortable, but leaves things to the imagination. Also, the way you dress should be to honor God, and, if that means wearing long skirts or dresses every day, than that's totally fine with me!
  • Did you enjoy answering all these questions?
For sure!

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