Saturday, July 24, 2010

A day in ragtime.......

My mom and I went to greenfield village today, because they were having their annual ragtime street fair.There are ragtime piano playing contests, shows in the town hall, and you can even eat there. They have tents full of corn on the cob, brats, fruit, and even blueberry lemonade, which sounds really tasty, but is actually pretty terrible. It rained for about 15-20 minutes while we were there, but that didn't bother me. Mom just bought our food, and we ate it under tents, and then ran to the candy shoppe, and split a giant chocolate chip cookie! Theodore Roosevelt was even campaigning today!!! Oh, I had so much fun! We were there for about five hours, but it only felt like two!!! That's how much fun it was! Last year, Roosevelt wasn't there, but they were having a suffragette rally! Isn't that neat? The votes for women booth was there this year, but they were just handing out pamphlets which read "12 reasons women should vote". Here are some of the reasons:#1 Because those who obey the laws should help to choose whose who make the laws.

#4 Because laws affecting children should include the woman's point of view as well as the man's

#8 Because having women vote would increase the sense of responsibility among women toward questions of public importance

#9 Because public spirited mothers make public spirited sonsInteresting, isn't it?
I got some pictures of our day, as well as videos, if you would like to click here to watch them:

The view from inside the horse-drawn bus

Some women playing field games

Me in front of the omnibus!! Usually, it's 50 cents to ride,(ooh, big spending!) but my mom bought the ride pass today, and it was free.

The inside of the town hall. We saw a play called "simply Broadway", which was a medley of different plays from the 1920's to thee 1940's, otherwise known as the golden years of Broadway!

"Roosevelt" giving a speech on the uses of the Panama Canal, and why American should be the one to build it

Roosevelt and his campaign manager(who looked about 15!) gave my mom and I each a pin which had a picture of the future president and the words "A square deal" on the front.

I had such a blast, I was reluctant to leave, but, now that I am home and in the air conditioning, I realize that I am totally exhausted, and in desperate need of a shower!

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