Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What book character are you?

I took this quiz honestly, having no idea what it would give me. Well, I found this site while looking for a picture from Little women, so I must say, I was kind of hoping for a Jo March. But, of course, I had to get a BOY!!! That seems to be my luck with these kinds of things. Whenever I take those "What dog are you?" things, I'm always some ugly dog, like a pug, or a sharpay. UGH!!!

But, anywho, this was really fun, even if I am a boy :(, and I really suggest you try it!!! I would LOVE it if you would comment this post after you have done it, telling me your character!!!

Happy test-taking!!
What Book Character Are You?

Harry Potter (from the HP Series)
Harry Potter (from the HP Series)
You're obviosly brave. You have a huge temper and hate getting a lot of attention. You have a small group of close friends that you can definitely rely on. You are smart in the subjects you like, and are somewhat athletic.
How do you compare?
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  1. What a fun quiz! I usually end up as a boy as well, but not this time! I got JO MARCH!!! =)