Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The wonderful world of youtube

This past Monday, I opened my own youtube account!! Yay! I am pretty excited about it! I had been thinking about doing this for quite awhile, but never too seriously, but then I found that a close friend of mine, who moved to California in February:( has one. The boy never answers e-mails, and I have no intention of getting a facebook, so this was really the only way to stay in contact. Then, Allison announced that she had one of her own, and it was settled! And, to top it all off, now that I have a camera that also takes videos, I will actually have something to post every once in awhile!

Now, I only have one video posted at the moment, and it's the one of Allison and I singing "Come thou fount", which most of you have probably heard already, but if you would like to check it out anyway, and maybe comment and/or subscribe to my channel if you, too have a youtube account, then, please, click here. I do,however have quite a list of videos that I have favorited, and I have a direct link to both Allison's and my friend's in California accounts.

Please check back to my channel often, because I fully intend to do a lot of movie making in the very near future!

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