Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bloggers for a change!

I found the following"charity" on Allison's blog

She has 13(count em'!) followers right now!!! Amazing that she could be so loved in so little time on blogger!(I'm so proud of you!)

Anyway,she noticed that others(she didn't name any names,and I won't either,but I'll give you a GREAT big hint,ME)weren't as fortunate in their followers list. Some aren't very popular on blogger, and it would be nice to know I....I mean those people have the assurance of readers!

So,together,with everyone's help,we are starting we can start "followers for a change",kind of like "friends for a change" from disney,but,no,it's not helping the environment,but it is uplifting people's spirits,which is something we could all use right now!

Our mission is to give other... less fortunate bloggers.... someone (anyone) to blog for.

Here's what you do:

1)go to at least 5 blogs,and follow them(preferably those with limited followers).

2)put the above picture on your blog

3)Tell others why you have that picture on your blog

See? wasn't that simple? Now,after doing that, you can sleep at night knowing that you have made their day,maybe even their week(if they are really desperate!)

So are you with me? We can do it!

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