Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer reading list......

This past school year has been,hectic,to say the least. A lot of reading,not much time for other things. So far(the year isn't even over yet) I have read:

-The scarlet letter-The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin-Billy Bud
-The adventures of Huckleberry Finn
-Lincoln,a photo biography
-The red badge of courage-Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglas
-My Antonia-our town-Much ado about nothing
And I still have another three books to go,one being "The grapes of wrath",and,for those who don't know, it has 464 pages,with 30(count 'em) chapters! It's a big.
So,needless to say(But I'm gonna anyway) I haven't really had the time to read what I want. So,I am posting my "Summer break reading list",in the hopes that,when that glorious day finally arrives, I can look back,and read what I want,when I want!
So,here goes!

Mara,daughter of the Nile

Frenzy:Robert Liporulo

Sense and Sensibility:(And others by) Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:Seth Grahame-Smith

The phantom of the Opera
Abraham Lincoln-Vampire hunter:Seth Grahame-SmithThe invisible Man:H.G. Wells

Another reason I wanted to post my reading list is to ask if there are any books that you have read and loved,and would like to recommend! Don't give me books based on the list you see. If it sounds interesting,I will probably read it! I can't wait to hear from all of you! And I can't wait to start my reading!


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  1. I've heard high recommendations of these books, but haven't read any of them myself.

    As for telling you about a book. "Les Miserables" - 1200 pages. Looong book & thought-provoking. I liked it, but I also know it's not for everyone. :)