Sunday, March 14, 2010

The mysterious benedict society

Looking for a good book? Well,here are three that should satisfy you for a little while.

The series is called "The mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart,and here is a little description of the first book:

After seeing a newspaper article addressed to children with special gifts, eleven-year old Reynie Muldoon goes to a center where he and many other children take a written test with many strange questions relating to logic, bravery, etc. He is the only one in the room to pass this exam, and, after all the other children leave, he is invited to yet another center for more tests. He goes there the next day, and meets Rhonda, a distressed girl who lost her only pencil for the test. Reynie breaks his pencil in half to give Rhonda to use, and Rhonda offers him the answers to the test they're about to take. Reynie refuses this, and walks into the testing area. There, he and many other children sit in separated desks, each getting a test. All of the test questions are impossibly hard Reynie notices, some of the other children even start to cry. But Reynie realizes that each of the question's answers have questions in different part of the tests that give the answers. Reynie realizes it is all just a big puzzle. Later,he meets three other children who all passed the tests. There names are George "Sticky" Washington, Kate Weatherall, and Constance Contraire. Together,they make up a group of the smartest kids on the planet,and Mr. Benedict,the mysterious man who set the tests, wants to send them on a mission that will take everything they have to complete! Can they do it without getting caught?

Sounds cool,huh? I read all three of the books,and loved them!!! I think you'll enjoy them as well!


Book 1:The mysterious Benedict Society

Book 2: The mysterious Benedict Society and the perilous journey

Book 3: The mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's dilemma

Happy reading!


  1. Those look cool! I am going to the library's website to request the first one right now.....


  2. Hi Erin,
    Thanks for following my blog (In The Bookcase) - I really appreciate that!

    You have a cute Etsy shop! I have one too, and I like finding out about people who have shops.

    I also must say that I'm very interested in The Mysterious Benedict Society! There are so many people talking about these books...can't wait to read them myself.

    Oh, and might I say that the picture of the girl reading.. I just love it!

    ~ Tarissa