Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voices heard

Unless you're Amish or have been living under a rock you might have noticed that today was Election day...and if you're Amish, you probably won't be reading this anyway, so whatever.

I was officially old enough to vote as of last December, so yay! It took several weeks for it to hit me that I was an adult now, and I had rights, and responsibilities, and junk, but once it did, I must say I was torn.

On the one hand, I was freaking excited that I could vote, get a job, and would soon be getting my driver's license! It was a very exciting day.

But then I starting thinking about the responsibilities end of the spectrum. I would actually have to pay attention to the news now(fun stuff, let me tell you. I'm bursting with joy.) and I would have a hand in choosing the leader of the whole country! At that point I started the whole "I can't handle the pressure!!!!" montage.

So I wen through the months alternately freaking out and not caring. It wasn't until yesterday that I thought I probably should have been paying closer attention to the other people hoping to get elected, not just the president. Honestly, I wasn't aware SO many people were on the ballet. There were judges, sheriffs, senators, counsel members, etc., not to mention the "issues" and levies up the wazoo!

I tried to stay calm as I walked into the room filled with voting machines, suddenly realizing that I don't know anything and anything and I should probably just go home. But I was already there, so I might as well just do it.

I get signed in, they give me my voting card, I go to a station, and press all the buttons I'm supposed to, and I finish. not bad! I did it! It's over! HOORAY!!!

Now I'm just bumbed I didn't get a "I voted" sticker for my trouble.

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