Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Of school projects and surveys

So I am taking a Business math class this year, and, as part of the class, I have to make up a business plan, including a survey of information that will help me judge what I need to make my business successful.

That being said, I am putting my survey on this here blog, so you, my wonderful readers, can take it, and be my heroes forever and ever!!!!{please don't make me go door to door! I begging you!}

Don't worry, it's not hard, and there are only a couple of questions........

Above is an example of my product

What is your age range?
* 13-17
*50 and up

How do you prefer to shop?
-In store

What would you expect to pay for a custom shirt?
*$21 and up

Do you see a need for custom shirts?

Who do you expect will buy?
What style of design would you like to see on a custom shirt?{ex. sports, logos, etc.}
When are you most likely to buy?{Christmas, no preference, etc.}

Please give your answers in a comment below. Your responses are really appreciated, and much needed! Thank you so much ♥


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  1. Thats such a cute shirt! I love it!