Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"photo shoot"

Well, sort of. And GUESS WHAT! It's not with Allison!{Sorry. I probably should have warned you to sit down before I said that}

Ha ha! So the other day, Zakk, Adam, myself, and our mothers met at a really cute coffee shop bearing my last name {though, sadly, we are no relation}. And, as the moms talked and sipped coffee, the boys and I walked around the town. And because I "just so happened" to have brought my camera, and because these awesome guys never say no to a little photo shoot, we thought we'd have a little fun..........

I do believe this is called "riding the rails"

Doesn't this look like something that would be in one of those little album booklets?

SHHH!!! They're spies! But don't tell anyone. It's top secret! LOL

Hee, hee. Charlie's angels. :)

Adam's really terrifying attempt at being "America's next top model". Yeah.


Walk like an Egyptian!!! This is my favorite!!

Very magazine spread :)



Say WHAAA?!?!?!?!?!

"I am Adam! Hear me roar!"

All in all, a really fun day, with many laughs, and strange looks from the people passing by in cars.

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