Friday, July 1, 2011

It's only the deal of the century....

The Elder-Beerman in my area is currently having a major sale. Everything is dirt cheap on sale, because they need to make room for......I hesitate to say it.....FALL. There. I said it. And now I feel filthy, and in need of a shower. Excuse me.

O.K. I'm back, clean, and ready to tell my story. So, like I said, everything was WAY on sale, and as I was looking around aimlessly, I spotted this really cute leather jacket, and, making a beeline straight for it, I fell in love. But my love was hindered when I noticed the price tag. $100. There was no way. But then....BUT THEN!!! I saw the best sign I have ever read. The sign read "All jackets $15." And I was like WHA?!?!? And, after my ecstatic screaming ceased, I found my size, and ran through the entire store, in search of my mother. And the rest is history......

So, I know I can't wear it for at least two months, but I don't care! It was too darn cheap, and cute to pass up!

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