Thursday, February 10, 2011

An outing

Tomorrow night, my mom and I are going to a local old school theatre, called the Valentine, to see Casablanca. I'm really excited about going! The Valentine has been having classic movie nights for the past month, and, excepting Gone with the wind and Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, I haven't missed one!

I have seen every move the Valentine is showing before, but being in a vintage theatre, sitting in a box seat reminiscent of "The Phantom of the opera", eating popcorn and candy bars that cost a total of $2, just seems to make everything better.

I'll take my camera with me, and get some pictures, if you would like to see them!


1 comment:

  1. Hoooooooow fun!!! I love theatres- Valentine is such a good name for one. And of course I also love seeing plays... especially ones right from Broadway or the West End. <3

    Have a fabulous time. :) DO take some pictures ~~!