Friday, December 31, 2010

A voyage on the Dawn Treader

Yesterday, my parents and I saw the new Narnia Movie, "The Chronicles of Narnia:The voyage of the Dawn Treader" and I must say.........AWESOME!!!!! For all you Narnia book fans, you will be satisfied, I think. I know I was! Having remembered the great disappointment that was Prince Caspian{The last movie} I was less than excited to see the newest installment of C.S. Lewis's popular series. I went into the theatre prepared for a good movie, but not for the Voyage of the Dawn Treader!! I was very plesently surprised, to tell you the truth. They stayed true to the story, while still making a good, action-packed movie for all ages.

But before I talk more about the movie, I would just like to point out a few things about the actors themselves. First, Lucy and Edmond, oh, how they've grown! Look how cute Georgie was in the first movie!!!

And look at her all growed up, and looking mightily like her older sister, Rachel, who, incidently, played Lucy all-grown-up in the first film.

Now, let's look at Edmond, who, in the first film, was not only a snot of an older brother, but the actor was only 13!!!

Huh, that's funny. He has the exact same look on his face!!! {LOL}

And, let me just say.....Eustace, Oh. my. WORD.

Doesn't he just look so sour? I swear, the moment I saw this kid on the screen, I was in love. I mean, seriously! The boy was the bestest Eustace EVER! I hated him for being so annoying, but at the same time, I was in full admiration for his acting ability{Well, I hope he was acting, because I don't think I'd like to know him in real life, that is, until after he becomes a dragon} I would seriously go see that movie again, just for him. No lie.

Now, for those of you who don't already know, I thought I'd give a little summary of the film:

The film is set three years after the events of the previous film in Narnia, and one year in England. The two youngest Pevensie siblings, Edmond and Lucy, are transported back to Narnia along with their cousin Eustace Scrubb. They join the new king of Narnia, Caspian, in his quest to rescue seven lost lords in order to save Narnia from a corrupting evil in the form of a sinister green mist that resides on a dark island. Each character is tested as they journey to the home of the great lion Aslan at the far end of the world. Lucy wants to be beautiful, like her sister. Edmund still has that nagging feeling about what he could have been with the White Witch, and Caspian is doubting his abilities as King, and wishing his father was there to help.Along the way, the children meet invisible one-legged people called Dufflepuds, Eustace gets turned into a dragon, and Caspian meets a star named Lilliandil, daughter of the great Ramandu. Can Aslan help the Pevencies and Caspian overcome their temptations, or will the mist destroy them all?

In short, go see this movie. It's worth it.


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  1. Lucky! I really want to see that!!!

    ~Hannah Rebekah