Tuesday, November 9, 2010

T'was necessary to go shopping........

Greetings, fellow bloggers! It has been ever so long since I last wrote, and I am heartily sorry.{Why am I writing like this? Oh, it's because I am listening to P. and P. right now. such past-times always enhance my vocabulary....}

To continue...........This past Friday, I babysat 6 great kids{We made a movie, which shall be posted shortly} and on Saturday I went shopping with my mom and my money. The top item on my list, I found out, however, was closer to me than I thought. You see, Meijer has a pair of booties that I simply coveted, and would try on with every visit. I had been saving diligently for a month to buy these beauties, and was not exactly keeping it a secret that I wanted them :) On Saturday morning, after having showered and dressed, entered the living room to tell my mom that I was ready to go. To my utter astonishment, there, in the middle of the couch, sat a large brown box. My mom had just bought herself a new pair of shoes a few days before, and I was afraid that she found them uncomfortable, or disliked them in some other way, and was planning on returning them whilst we were out. So I asked "What's this?" and pointed to the box, and she said, completely throwing me off my guard, "Happy early birthday!!!!" I yanked off the lid, and angels started singing, and light poured from every orifice of that cardboard square......Well, not really, but I was so happy at the contents that all those things could have happened!

Have I interested you a little? Good. Without further adue, my new {totally awesome} shoes!!!!!

{The flaps can unfold to look like Victorian boots:0) }

Expect to see these often in my outfit pictures!!!

But, back to the story, now that I didn't have to buy those boots, I was a bit at a loss as to what I should get{but it certainly didn't stop me from going out anyway, oh, no!} and I'm glad I went! Along with two accompaniment cds, I bought a charm bracelet that I know you will all adore, and a hair flower that doubles as a coat pin:

The charms are as follows: cell phone, mirror, nail polish bottle, old-fashioned perfume bottle, shoeI can just see this adorning many a messy bun in the future :)

I hope to receive the pictures I have been telling you about in every post lately very soon, perhaps this week, and don't forget to keep yourself posted about that movie the kids and I made!!!

Until we meet again.......


  1. I LOVE your booties, Erin!!! They are so darling.


  2. Those shoes are so cute! And that bracelet is beautiful! Only 22 day until your b day, so happy early birthday. :D

    Abby :D