Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Merry Christmas, Mr. Scrooge!!

Hello, fellow bloggers! how are you this fine autumn day?

I just finished taking my PSAT test :0/ and am in dire need of a thinking break. I am pretty sure my brain has been permanently transformed into indistinguishable sludge.

And after that wonderful description, I move onto a Christmas Carol update!!!

This past Monday I had my very first ever rehearsal, and I of course took my camera along. (For those readers who may be just coming in to the blog-reading party where I am a featured guest, my camera and I are tight!)

Meet Deb, she's the director!

"The room sat in silent anticipation as the director gave her final announcement"

"In a room filled with unfamiliar faces, it was good to have a friend beside me!"

That's all the pictures I have for now, but maybe my camera, who I have just now decided to christen Regina, will accompany me to another rehearsal tonight!

Be prepared to read much about my Christmas Carol experience, because I am totally obsessed right now! :)


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  1. I ♥ Tiny Tim... who is sitting right next to me. :) He is soooo ca-ute!!!!!