Monday, October 25, 2010

Payless wishlist

My mom and I went to payless the other day, and I have a few more things I want to add to my wish list!I'm not usually into that whole wild west, cowboy thing, but these are SUPER cute, and really comfortable, so I am willing to change.... ;)

Oh, my WORD! I love these! Love love LOVE these!!! Unfortunately, my mom does to, and is strongly considering getting a pair, so, that means I can't get them. That would just be weird if we bought two pair of the same shoe. Maybe I'll steal.....I mean......BORROW them from her sometimes, even though her feet are slightly bigger than mine.

what do you think of these shoes? gorgeous, right?!



  1. I actually have boots that are very similar to those...but a different color. =) The vintage-looking black "granny" shoes are also so adorable!

  2. heehee. I didn't mean they're actually old lady shoes. ;) ;) I've heard them called that before, and I think it's a cute name. I love those vintage photos of the WW11 gals that wore them...quite adorable. ;)

  3. These are both adorable! I have a pair of black, calf-height boots almost exactly like that pair. And the oxford heels--want, want, want!

  4. Erin! You don't have to agree with me that they are old lady shoes!! ;) :D Because I never said they were. hehehehehe.