Sunday, October 17, 2010

It was the bussiest of days....

Yesterday was a busy, fun-filled day! I started it off by selling some candy with some friends at a local hardware store for our 4-H group(and brought along Regina):

Take a good look, kids. Zakk is smiling in a picture. It's so rare, I think they should frame this shot and put it in a museum.

Captain Zakk!

My mom and I went straight from there at noon to Greenfield village(with one minor pit stopr to burger king :) where they were completely decked out for Halloween!

This doesn't actually have anything to do with fall, but I thought it was a good picture:)
Wright brothers reenactment

The entrance to one of the many gardens in the village

How cute!!!

After a few hours walking around the village and taking a million and one pictures, mom and I met up with my dad at Bob Evans for dinner. And what a dinner it was!!! Think noodles, chicken chunks, broccoli, alfredo sauce and bread crumbs in the same bowl, and you get this heavenly goodness :)

It was a long day with a lot of walking, but it was also a fun day spent with friends!


  1. We went to Greenfeild Village 2 years ago about this time, and I do remember all the pumpkins they had on the sides of the sidewalks. It was very cool. And I liked how all the pumpkins looked diffrent. My favorite part about the village is the Old fashion store. It is so cool! :) I would love to go back there sometime soon. :D

  2. Ooh, I liked a lot of your pictures in this post, Erin!