Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog party

I found this survey on Bramblewood fashion's blog:

1. Ring! Ring! You receive a phone call from a national sweepstakes organization saying that you have won a life-time supply of your favorite beverage!! What would that drink be?

A strawberry Italian soda or a homemade chocolate milkshake with whipped cream

2. If you could live in a Jane Austen novel, which book would you pick? What character would you be?

Totally Emma from Jane Austen's "Emma". Her life is perfect, and she has sweet clothes :)

3. What is your theme song, that favorite song that absolutely matches you?

Oh, this is a toughie.

4. You are trapped on a deserted island. Your only supplies are the clothes you have on, and a box with five things in it. What are those five things?

1. Bible
2. Water
3. A gun
4. A raft
5. A book entitled "How to survive on a deserted island: Identify edible plants and wood that will be strong enough to make a boat or home"
5. Chocolate or Caramel?

Please. CHOCOLATE! I'm not stupid!

6. Vacation! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would take a tour of Europe via the Orient Express :)

7. If forced to do one of the two, which would you do: sky diving or scuba diving? Why?
Scuba diving. Definitely. It's WAY safer in my opinion, and I am a wonderful swimmer, if I do say so myself.

8. Favorite TV show, and why?

Totally Laverne and Shirley or the Cosby Show. Laverne and Shirley is set in the 1950's, and is SUPER funny, and they wear cute clothes. The Cosby show is also really funny, and I like that the parents don't let their kids do things willy-nilly. They actually pay attention to their kids. Something that is sadly lacking in television today.

9. Are you a coffee and donuts sorta lady, or a tea and scones type of gal?

Well, even though I am not a fan of either coffee nor tea, I would definitely have to say tea and scones. Yum, English scones with clotted cream!

10.The time machine has finally been created, and you are the first to be able to use it! What era would you travel too?

I'd say sometime in 1940's or 50's America. Back far enough to consider it "History", but modern enough for plumbing. There are just a couple of things I can't love without, and a bathroom is one of them.

11. What is the last movie you watched?

Annie. The 1980's version. I was really bored. And now I remember why I never liked it. Miss Hanigen was always drunk, and Rooster, played by the ever terrifying Tim Currey, tried to actually kill Annie. Horrid.

12. Ding-dong!!! Your favorite actor/singer/celebrity is at your front door!Who would it be?

OHH! Let's see here. Can it be a dead person? It would be Jimmy Stewart

13. What was your absolute favorite toy as a child?

Oh, probably my dress-up clothes, my barbies or my Polly pockets.

14. What kinds of blogs do you like reading best?

I enjoy reading sewing, fashion, DIY, craft-y types of blogs, as well as blogs of everyday lives, provided they are well written and include a lot of pictures. I can't stand a mile-long post without some sort of visualization.

I think that's it! Gee, that was fun! You guys should try it!!!


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