Saturday, August 28, 2010

One last update....

I just wanted to give an update on my caterpillars, seeing as this will probably be one of the last posts about them for awhile. You see, it's nearing time for them to migrate to Mexico for the winter, and, if there are any caterpillars even still on wild milkweed this time of year, by the time they were butterflies, they would be very late to the party, and would most likely die in the coming chill. I'm sorry to be so gruesome, I just wanted to explain. And, because of the above reasons, I have decided to stop my "caterpillar rescue mission" until the spring. But, until then, I still have a couple babies in the "nest", so to speak. I've 7 chrysalis, all green as can be, and two caterpillars. One of them crawled up to the top of his cage, and is now preparing to go into his "J", which should happen tonight or tomorrow. The other is still relatively small, and eating like crazy.

My injured butterflies sadly passed on just a few short days after I first posted about them. They are now buried in the back yard. And a butterfly emerged to damaged, I thought it was dead, until I tried to pick it up to take it outside, and it rolled away from me. I managed to get it out of the cage, and layed it on a flower in the sunshine to die in it's natural habitat. I checked to make sure it hadn't fallen out of the flower pot many times throughout the day, until it finally died. So sad.

I may have some final release pictures to show when I have some butterflies to release, so, take heart!! This may not be the last butterfly post after all!!!!


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