Monday, August 16, 2010

My once-again-rapidly-growing family......

More caterpillars have come!!!!!!!! But, they are all still itsy-bitsys, so they aren't that interesting yet, and WAY to difficult to photograph. BUT, that friend who got me hooked on butterfly raising is currently on vacation, and I was asked to butterfly-sit. So, my babies are having friends over for a two-week long play date :)

I was brought everything from teeny-weenys to fully grown butterflies, and everything in between. But, before I get into that, check out my new caterpillar station!

It's still a work in progress, but it's more organized, and it's not on the dining room table. Everyone on the left half of the picture is mine, and everybody on the right half of the picture is being baby-sat(sitted? Na)

So, I bought this table at a garage sale for $1 for the very purpose to which it is being used.

My temporary charges are about a thousand caterpillars(actually, it's only about 10, but they eat like you would expect a thousand caterpillars would) and these two poor little butterflies. They have special needs. In case you can't see, neither of them have whole wings, one has legs only on one side of his body, and the other has two normal legs, and then two really stumpy legs. They can't fly, and they can't walk, they can only flutter helplessly, and if they want to get somewhere without flying, they have to kind of roll. It's really sad, but they seem to be really "healthy" meaning they do a lot of fluttering and eating. Right now, they are outside in their little mesh cage, catching some rays :) They seem to really like it, because they are just fluttering their little hearts out!

I will continue to keep everyone updated on the butterflies and caterpillars, both mine and my friend's!


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