Friday, August 27, 2010

A day trip

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday, because I sure did!!!

Today, my mom and I went to my new favorite store, IKEA!!!!! That store ROCKS!!

You see, I am re-doing my room, and I needed to go furniture shopping. My room is not much bigger than the average closet, and I just knew that IKEA was the place to go!
I've been there before, but today was the first time I have ever eaten there!! I knew IKEA had a cafeteria, and, because mom and I got there around lunch time, and I had had nothing but a muffin for breakfast, we decided to try it. And it's GREAT!!! The food is tasty, and the prices are unbelievably cheap! Our menu consisted of:
-Sweedish meatballs+cream sauce-mashed potatoes-cranberry preserves
-chicken wrap
-chocolate cake(the best I've ever tasted!!)-potato ships-bottomless soda
All this for around $13 dollars!!

Who knew cheap food tasted so good?!

The prettiest, best-tasting chocolate cake on earth

I always enjoy going to IKEA, because of the little rooms they have set up to kind of show what their furniture would look like in an actual room. I like to call them "scenarios". I'm not sure why.

Only the prettiest dining room in the entire building!!!

A little preview of my room reno: I'm probably getting these shelves(or something similar) for my room

My mom's dream kitchen/dining room

You can't really tell in this picture, but mom is saying "Oh, yeah!! I NEED this kitchen!"

This bed has a SECRET BOOK SHELF!!! How awesome is that?!

And of course, once finished looking through the showroom, we walked through the warehouse, though, I must admit, by that time I had quite the headache from being overwhelmed by the largness of the store. And, of course, one look at just one of their MANY isles of boxes of furniture can make one feel a little woozy.

I rest my case.

After a long day of furniture shopping, mom and I wearily drove home, with one stop at Menards, to get the paint for my walls.(pictures to come........)



  1. Oh! I love IKEA too! I haven't been there that many times though. I can't wait to see your room!

    Abby :D

  2. Erin,
    Aren't the meatballs great??? I ♥ IKEA's Swedish Meatballs!

    When I went last time, I ordered the meatballs and they gave me this funky jam stuff on the side. I had no idea why they did that, but my mom said maybe it was for dipping the meatballs in... Being the adventurous and brave (HA. *recalling the night HEIDI had to go get the chair from behind the garage...*)person I am, I tried it.

    I actually thought it was good, and I ate the rest of the meatballs like that. Then again, I like weird mixtures when it comes to food...


  3. Erin,
    Ikea is so much fun! I want to go there again. You have so got to post some pictures when your done.

    ~Hannah Rebekah