Monday, July 12, 2010

Toy story 3

I saw Toy story 3 today!!!! And I must say, Oh, my WORD!!! I laughed, I cried, it moved me! I loved it!!! The story line was great! It was perfect for the whole family! The little kids could be kept entertained throughout the whole thing, and yet adults could watch without being bored out of their minds. I especially enjoyed some of the new characters, like, Barbie, Ken and even Buzz in spanish mode!!! I laughed so hard at that part, I almost cried!!! I did notice that this third movie had a much deeper story line, and one or two of the scenes were positively dark! however, that was something I liked about it!! Don't worry, it wasn't anything overly scary.

I wrote this little over-view of the story, and it's safe to read! i don't have any spoilers in it that you haven't already seen in the trailers!

Woody, Buzz and the whole gang are back in this third installment of the toy stories! As their owner, Andy,now 17 and ready to head off to college, his loyal toys find themselves pondering uncertain futures when the toys are accidentally donated to the Sunnyside Daycare center. Initially, they are overjoyed to once again be played with, but their enthusiasm quickly gives way to horror as they discover the true nature of the establishment under the rule of the deceptively welcoming Lots-O-Huggin' (Lotso) Bear. Now, all of the toys must band together in one final, crazy scheme to escape their confines and return home to Andy. Join, Woody and the toy box gang, along with some new characters such as Barbie and Ken as they take you along on their newest adventure!!!!

I TOTALLY recommend this movie!!!!! You all MUST see it!!! You will laugh, trust me!!! And what I thought was very interesting and more than a little cool was that they were able to get every single original cast member back from the first and second movies, except for the voice of slinky dog, who's actor, unfortunately died a couple of years ago. But don't worry! He's still in the story!!! They even got the same Andy who is now, like, 30! So strange.

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  1. Lucky!I want to see that movie so bad.

    Oh and by the why I tag you.

    -Hannah Rebekah