Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The release.....

Today, I released all of my butterflies. I still have two butterflies in their chrysalis, and they should be that way for a couple more days. Then, I'll have to go caterpillar-hunting again, if I want to continue raising them, which I will, of course.......

My butterfly forest!!

I took the cage outside and opened the flap, the butterflies clinging to the top for dear life

So I just picked them up one by one and set them on various flowers. Most of them flew away, but two stayed for quite some time.

A close-up

This is one of the butterflies that stayed

Here I got a bit artsy with my camera work

This is what the chrysalis looks like once the butterfly emerges

I hope you enjoyed the posts about butterfly raising! I hope I can add more to this story very soon!!

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  1. That is sooo cool.
    They're beautiful :D <3

  2. Oh, goodbye sweet butterflies!! I will miss reading about you!

  3. They're so beautiful! How do you hold them when you let them go? Can't wait until you get more!

    Abby :D