Thursday, July 22, 2010

The lightning thief

Well, I saw the new Percy Jackson movie a couple of days ago, and, well.....I must say I didn't really like it, unfortunately. The story line was O.K. as it was,(meaning, if they hadn't claimed to base it on the book, it would have been really interesting!) but it was literally NOTHING like the book. I was a little worried before I even saw it, because a friend of mine said that they had combined a couple of the books into one movie, but, I am happy to report, that is one of the only things they DIDN'T do! But, back on topic, I really didn't like the movie. Honestly, the only things they kept the same from the book were the character names, and that's IT! They didn't even have half of the characters from the book, but made up others to close the gap! UGH! and there was this "relationship" between Percy and Annabeth. In the book, she doesn't even like him as a friend until the middle of the second book! I hate it when film-makers do that, you know, create drama where there isn't any, even when it's not needed. They also concentrated on parts that, in the book took up little of the story, and didn't spend enough time on the parts that were truely important. And, what's worse, they took all the sub-plots that were in the book purely to make the main plot more interesting, and turned that into the main plot of the movie!!! It really was very badly done, I must say. And one more complaint, in the book, Annabeth had very long blond hair that she kept pulled back in a pony tail at all times, with sea-green eyes, but the actress they got to play her had very dark brown hair that was never even styled, let alone in a pony tail, and she had blue eyes. That's not a major detail, but so easily matched, it's like they changed her on purpose. The acting wasn't exactly "top-notch", either. Personally, they only good actors were the adults, and they were all professional actors that have been around Hollywood for most of their lives. For example, Pierce Brosnen played Kyron, the centar, and Uma Thurman played Medusa, the woman with snakes for hair and a stair that turns people to stone. Big name people, they had in that lame movie.

Now, I'm not distresssing anyone from seeing the movie, but I just had to warn you, if you like the books, you will most likely be very disappointed in "Percy Jackson:The lightning thief"

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