Friday, July 16, 2010

Going a milkweed hunting.....

Today, I realized that my supply of milkweed, the only thing caterpillars will eat, was running very low. Actually, it looked more like a baron waste-land, to be honest. So, after lunch, mom, dad and I drove all around town, stopping at randomly at the side of the road. We dug up two milkweed shoots, I think, which will be planted so that we can start our own little milkweed "garden" and then we also pulled up a bag-full of shoots that I put in water, which will be used as food. But, before I can feed the leaves to my babies, I had to prepare the plants a little.
First, I have to cut off the bottom of the stem, but only the brown part.

next, I cut a slit up the middle about an inch.

And last, but not least, I take the back of my scissors and mash the part of the stem that has the slit.
I know that sounds awful, but it actually makes the plant last longer, about a week for me. You see, by cutting and mashing the stem, this makes it easier for the plant to get at the water. Ah, science! And what's better, while pulling the milkweed, my dad found another egg!

Something really great happened when I got home!!! My caterpillar that made his j this morning is now almost entirely in his chrysalis!!! It's all green, and you can sort of still see the caterpillar through the "walls". Also, I have a second caterpillar that's heading up to the top of the cage, and I'm thinking I may be getting another caterpillar j any day now!

In the left-hand corner, the chrysalis, and next to it, the caterpillar


I just realized that this was my 100th post!!! This calls for a celebration! Though, it's going to have to be tomorrow's post, because it's almost 11 o'clock at night here. :)

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  1. I did not know that that helped the plant stay alive longer... I will have to try that next time. Have any of your other caterpillars made a 'J' yet?

    Abby :D