Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another butterfly!!!!

Well, actually, TWO!!! Two butterflies emerged this morning, and I was there to not only see it, but take pictures of it!!! Look and enjoy!

Here you can see that the chrysalis is clear. Can you see the orange and black of the wing?

After a long time of waiting that feels like forever and a day, but it's really only about ten minutes, you hear the chrysalis actually crack, and out pops a butterfly. First its legs......

Then its body......

And then the wings come out, all crumpled up and wet.

Then it hangs there and lets its wings dry and expand to their full potential!And after roughly ten minutes, you get this!!!! For the next twenty-four hours(sometime less) the butterfly will just hang there, letting her wings dry and expand completely, and sometime flapping them, sort of like exercising! Until that's done, she won't eat, or even hardly move at all.


  1. OH MY WORD!!!!!!
    This is so awesome that you were able to be there and take pictures! So cool to see it "step by step" as the butterfly emerged.

  2. What do you do with them after they hatch?

    Abby :D