Monday, June 14, 2010

And the award goes to.....

I was very recently awarded the "beautiful blogger award" by miss Hannah! Thanks, Hannah! You're the best! This award also happens to come with a tag, so, here goes:

Here are the rules..... You have to say 7 random things about you, and then tag 7 people.

1I hate germs. But not as much as my mom, she is a self-proclaimed gerophobe. I just prefer to be clean.

2. My birthday is December 3, and my cousin was born exactly seven days later.

3. I have four brothers and sisters. Two brothers, two sisters, all older.

4. My favorite song is "In Christ alone"

5. I can never sleep in an un-made bed. I ALWAYS have to make my bed before getting into it, no matter how tired I am.

6. When I was little I wanted to be a spy :)

7. I once found a kitten in the park by my house, and I kept it for two weeks, until I could find it a home. I named him Monty. Short for Montegue. :)

And now, I will tag 7 people:

The lovely young ladies from Bramblewood fashion

Casey from Casey's musings

Sammy from Sammysluth

The very creative Disney from Ruffles and stuff

The Vixen Vintage

Cori from Cori's blog

Abby from Child of grace

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  1. Erin,
    Are you going to post about pictures from the thing on Friday? I really want to see them.

    -Hannah Rebekah

  2. ditto number five! i can't STAND an unmade bed when i go to sleep.