Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New project......

I started a new sewing project today.

A couple of weeks ago, I was over at Allison's house, and she was telling me about this dress that she was making. I asked to see what she had so far, and the moment I laid eyes on it, I new I just had to have one of my own! So, I frantically searched high and low for a scrap of paper and something to write with, and I took down the pattern number.
I had to wait an excruciatingly long two weeks to get the supplies, but, last Saturday, I babysat, and was paid enough to buy pattern and fabric, with a little left over. So, today, my mom and I trekked over to Wal-Mart's fabric section, and purchased THIS!

The fabric is a kind of raspberry pink in real life, but in the picture, it looks more like a red

Out of the four dress the pattern provides, I decided to make this one!

Tell me what you think by leaving me a comment, and follow me! I will give updates on my progress! If you see these pictures, and fall instantly in love, like I did, the pattern number is 2591, and it's a simplicity pattern.


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  1. Oh, what pretty fabric! I, for one, will be looking forward to your progress. Can't wait!