Friday, May 21, 2010


I went shopping today for a plain white cardigan. I never found one, but I did get a few things that eased my pain ever so slightly:)

First up is the underskirt you wear under dresses to make the skirt puffy. It was EIGHT(count 'em!) dollars! What a steal! What's better is that the store I bought this from gives all the proceeds to finding a cure for cancer

Next are these practically new roller skates that were on sale for $2.50! Do you know how much these cost normally? Close to $50!!!!!

And last, but certainly not least are a pair of pioneer boots I actually purchased a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale. They were 50 cents.

Boy,I love getting a deal!!!!! Don't forget to comment and follow me!



  1. I love "steals"! Lovely pioneer boots! I have some that are similar, only I found them at a thrift store a couple years ago, and now they are really worn in from constant use!


  2. That is so WRONG! (in a good way.)

    Allison ♥

  3. Lucky! I am giving you the sunshine award. Come and get it off my blog.


  4. Thanks to you three who have commented so far, and to Allison, EAT MY DUST!!! No,I'm just kidding. Hey, you are the one that got a regency prom dress for 25 cents! Now that's what I call wrong!(In a good way!) :)

  5. Erin,
    Thank you for the nice sewing tip that you gave me. I guess I will have to try harder stuff.