Thursday, April 29, 2010

Of pictures and play practice.....

I am in a homeschool group that has classes, and my history class is putting on a one-act play. It's a murder mystery,written by moi!
Yesterday was our first practice, and I brought along my camera:
Zakk and Adam


The gang from left to right:
Cori, Emily, Caleb, Zakk, Adam

My teacher, Miss Tamara. Isn't she pretty?

Emily and Thomas
(he was late for practice, so I don't have any close-ups of Thomas)

That's me in the purple, and Zakk, of course.

Adam in the plaid, me in the purple hoodie, Thomas in black, Emily in white next to him, and Zakk at the end, in camo.

That's all for now, but I will have more pics later!!!!



  1. Hey, that's so cool about your play! You wrote it, and now you get to act in it!

    I once wrote a play for a writing contest and I won! So a few weeks later, my play was acted out by a college drama class. (there were other people's plays who also won the writing contest, and their plays were acted out too.)

    Anyways, I'll look forward to what more you have to say about your play. Good luck!
    ~ Tarissa

  2. Haha, I luv the pictures Erin.
    It looks like my smile