Friday, April 23, 2010

In which I climb a tree and take pictures of flowers.....

Two doors down from my house, there is this darling brick church. I don't go there, but it has always reminded me of a small town church where all the old church ladies sit around cooking for the next pot luck, or knitting, or something. It fits, seeing as I live in a small town!

Anyway, in the church parking lot, lining the sidewalk, there are these beautiful trees that have just burst into fluffy bloom! I just adore spring! I walk by them often enough, and they just smell so wonderful, I thought it high time I took my camera along, and document the beauty for you, my loyal readers!A full view of the trees lining the sidewalk.

A view from in the tree itself

This is me :)

Some of the flowers will be bright pink, but they are still buds.
This picture is slightly blurry because there was a slight breeze.

This is what most of the flowers looked like,though, some of them had a slight pink hew.

Ah, the smell of spring! One of my most favorite smells, and perhaps one of my mother's, as well!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of spring! I know I did, especially now that it is cold and gray outside.


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